1. Do I have a solidified marketing plan in place?


Marketing, according to Hubspot, "is the process of getting people interested in your company's product or service. This happens through market research, analysis, and understanding your ideal customer's interests."


2. Am I staying in touch with my customers?


Your marketing is not finished once you've obtained the customer. It is super important to keep an email list or something similar with customer contact. This allows you to retarget customers who've already worked with you or are interested in working with you in some way.


3. Am I still learning new tactics to develop my service value?


Yes, you know the basics of detailing vehicles, boats, etc. But what makes you stand out? What makes you different? The goal is neither to become the most expensive or the cheapest in your industry, but it is to be the BEST at what you do. Your skill set is valuable to the customer and they will more than likely come back when they know you're the best.


4. Am I investing in the most essential tools to work?


If you're a mobile detailer, anything from a pressure washer, hot water extractor, towels, sponges, buckets, and other essentials are absolute needs. Why are we mentioning this when it seems obvious? Well, the quality of your investment can most times determine the quality of your work. This not only falls on the equipment, but how much you invest in yourself from education and hands on training in detailing.


5. Should I consider running my business digitally rather than on paper?


Are you using paper calendars and pen and paper to book your customers? We’d like to encourage you to consider using software to run your business. Using pen and paper can become a challenge and it is very time consuming. We’d like to recommend that you demo the Detail Bookie software to see how you can save time, money, and efforts in running your detail business by allowing the software to automate much of your communication and make booking customers an easy process.


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